The Cutera ProWave 770 Handpiece is a console attachment option that is intended for use in surgical, aesthetic, and cosmetic applications requiring photothermolysis – namely for the light-based removal of unwanted hair and permanent hair reduction.  Approved for use on all skin types, this IPL handpiece is a reliable, cost-effective option for both patients and practitioners.

Three Wavelengths To Choose From.

As the first device component to allow the practitioner to select the wavelength based on patient skin type, the ProWave 770 offers three wavelength settings that can be easily navigated as needed.  As an FDA-cleared device for permanent hair reduction, this Cutera handpiece emits infrared light at 770-1100nm.  This light energy is then selectively absorbed by melanin in the hair follicle and shaft, destroying the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding tissue.  While low fluence should always be used at the beginning of treatment, the fluence levels can also be adjusted at will to accommodate those who can tolerate more or require more for treatment effectiveness.  The ProWave 770 will generally require approximately four treatments to reach the desired results, but it can effectively reach even the deepest hair roots as far as four to six millimeters below skin surface.

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Epidermal Cooling.

Also integrated into the ProWave 770 is an epidermal cooling feature that reduces the rise in temperature resulting from the light-based treatment.  While this increases the comfort for the patient, it also helps to increase the speed of the treatment.  Additionally, given the large treatment window and fast repetition rate, quick procedures can be performed on large areas with long-lasting results.  While results are always best on untanned skin, the ProWave 770 is a tool that can effectively meet patient demand on a variety of levels and can also accommodate a wide variety of patients – including pregnant women.

What System Will The ProWave 770 Work On?

To obtain all of the benefits of the ProWave 770 handpiece highlighted above, it is necessary to have the correct platform to connect it to!  Cutera has three specific platform devices that the ProWave 770 is compatible with:

All three platforms are appropriately outfitted for the ProWave 770 and will deliver outstanding results for any practitioner looking to add a safe, effective, and reliable light-based hair removal option to their practice.