cutera xeo for sale

Cutera XEO Laser

The Cutera Xeo comes in three different models: the CoolGlide Xeo; the Genesis Plus; and the Xeo SA.  The type of model that you are operating determines the exact components that come with each device; however, all models operate as platforms that can function with additional, optional handpieces.  The CoolGlide Xeo and Genesis Plus both offer a laser console, permanent laser handpiece, at least one detachable pulsed-light handpiece, a touch screen panel, footswitch, and a dual handpiece rest.  The Xeo…

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cutera prowave 770

Cutera ProWave 770 Handpiece

The Cutera ProWave 770 Handpiece is a console attachment option that is intended for use in surgical, aesthetic, and cosmetic applications requiring photothermolysis – namely for the light-based removal of unwanted hair and permanent hair reduction.  Approved for use on all skin types, this IPL handpiece is a reliable, cost-effective option for both patients and practitioners. Three Wavelengths To Choose From. As the first device component to allow the practitioner to select the wavelength based on patient skin type, the ProWave…

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Cutera Laser Repairs & Sales

Interested in Cutera Laser Systems? With more than 15 years of innovation Cutera is a leading manufacturer for medical aesthetic laser devices. We sell and repair all of their platforms from the CoolGlide, the Excel, Xeo and more!

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