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Cutera, Inc., is a global provider of laser and light-based aesthetic treatment systems that are used by medical practitioners in a range of cosmetic procedures. Based in Brisbane, California, Cutera was founded in 1998 to design, manufacture, and market multi-component equipment pieces that can be easily customized to meet both practitioner and patient desires. With a solid presence in more than 65 countries around the world, Cutera is internationally known as an innovative and dependable player in the field of medical aesthetic technology.

Cutera’s focus is largely on developing first-in-the-industry approaches that seek to revolutionize the field and enhance the performance capabilities of cosmetic treatments. To that end, in 2000 Cutera introduced its first major addition to the field: the CoolGlide CV System. The first equipment to make use of the 1064 Nd: YAG laser following the discovery of its safe and effective use with optimized parameters, the CoolGlide CV was targeted at permanent hair reduction for all skin types. Featuring built-in cooling, it also presented minimal impact on the melanin in the epidermis. Today, the CoolGlide CV is as popular as ever and is the preferred wavelength for skin types V and VI. The addition of the CoolGlide Excel one year later further expanded the capabilities of the CoolGlide system, presenting broader treatment options including vascular conditions. The CoolGlide Excel also was the first cosmetic procedure machine to include Cutera’s patented PowerFlex technology, leading to unparalleled practitioner customization.

Following the success of their first market introduction, Cutera continued its forward momentum, releasing an average of one new aesthetic device annually. Now recognized as one of the strongest contributors to the cosmetic field, the Cutera name is widely recognized for its quality and its focus on both patient and practitioner satisfaction. Some of Cutera’s most well-known devices are highlighted below:

xeo – In 2003, Cutera introduced xeo as a multi-application, customizable powerhouse with nearly limitless options. Featuring a variety of platforms and additional applicators, xeo is a proven safe and effective tool for the most requested non-invasive and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures – including scar reduction, leg veins, hair removal, age/brown spots, skin tags, wrinkles, etc.

GenesisPlus – Designed for the world of podiatry, GenesisPlus is used largely in the treatment of nails. Delivering therapeutic laser treatment through the toenail without causing damage to the surrounding nail or skin, GenesisPlus can be used for a wide range of soft tissue applications. Offering consistency through dual laser beams as well as an included temperature sensor, the GenesisPlus is user friendly, safe, and effective.

excel V – Used to treat both vascular and benign pigmented lesions, the introduction of the excel V platform in 2011 made Cutera a true leader in the field. Combining the use of Cutera’s Nd:YAG laser technology with a new high-powered green laser (KTP), the excel V provides a solution for nearly two dozen different conditions, both cosmetic and dermatologic. In 2014, Cutera also introduced excel HR which has quickly become the gold standard in the laser hair removal market. Featuring Cutera’s signature truPulse technology – including contact cooling and consistent pulse delivery – the excel HR offers the two best wavelengths for laser hair removal on all skin types. It is also an effective tool against leg veins, port wine stains, warts, and more.

truSculpt – Developed in 2012, truSculpt is intended to non-invasively target a variety of aesthetic concerns, such as deep tissue heating and a temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Offering both a larger (40 cm2) and smaller (16 cm2) handpiece option, truSculpt is a high-powered mono-polar radio frequency platform that uniformly delivers heat at sustained therapeutic temperatures to the target areas, increasing efficiency and overall effectiveness.

enlighten – As the first high-powered, ultra-short pulse model to offer both picosecond and nanosecond durations, enlighten represents versatility and ingenuity in the aesthetic laser field. Targeting pigmentary conditions and unwanted tattoos, enlighten is a first-class, fully customizable treatment option.

Cutera Laser Repairs & Sales

Interested in Cutera Laser Systems? With more than 15 years of innovation Cutera is a leading manufacturer for medical aesthetic laser devices. We sell and repair all of their platforms from the CoolGlide, the Excel, Xeo and more!

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