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cutera lp560

Cutera LP560 Handpiece

The Cutera LP560 is a pulsed light handpiece that works with both the Solera Opus and the Xeo series of systems.  Used most commonly in the removal of benign pigmented lesions (BPLs) and solar lentigines, the LP560 can be used for any treatments that require selective photothermolysis of target chromophores in soft tissue.  Emitting visible pulsed light at 560-1200nm through a 10-30mm clear window, no aiming beam is necessary; however, it is important that the entire window maintain contact with…

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cutera limelight

Cutera LimeLight Handpiece

The Cutera LimeLight is an intense pulsed-light (IPL) laser handpiece that can be used for a variety of treatments including benign pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, and photorejuvenation.  Compatible with both the Cutera XEO family of consoles and the Cutera Solera Opus platform, the LimeLight consists of a user-detachable umbilical cable and the actual handpiece.  Operating on a wavelength of 520 to 1100nm, the LimeLight boasts a maximum output of 90J.  Additionally, it is intended to be used with a cooling…

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cutera excel hr

Cutera Excel HR Laser

The Cutera Excel HR is a dual-wavelength laser system that can be used to treat a wide-range of dermatologic conditions requiring selective photothermolysis of target chromophores.  Operating as an independent touchscreen console, the Excel HR consists of a handpiece that delivers laser energy and provides epidermal cooling; a footswitch which activates the treatment beam; and a boom and handpiece holster to keep the machine compact and contained.

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Cutera Laser Repairs & Sales

Interested in Cutera Laser Systems? With more than 15 years of innovation Cutera is a leading manufacturer for medical aesthetic laser devices. We sell and repair all of their platforms from the CoolGlide, the Excel, Xeo and more!

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